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Month: June 2022

Logbox: automated archiving of your logs

When you start using Logbox the amount of logged messages can add up quickly, leading to huge logfiles or database tables with many many logEntries. Logbox has many different appender types, and in some cases size of your logs is controlled by external systems such as lucee or for example the logrotate system in Linux. If you are logging to a file you could use a rollingFileAppender which limits the file size, and for this appender you can configure the max number of file archives.

We prefer to use a DBAppender, so I can create some nice display of the logged details in a user interface, but for limiting the size and creating some archive it seems we are out of luck. According to the docs there are no options for limiting the size or creating some archive. So how are we going to fix that?

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ImageNew bug in Lucee

Several months ago Eric Peterson published the totp module, a cfml implementation of Time-based One-time Password. More on TOTP in a future post, but to summarize: TOTP is used for 2-factor authentication, using some secret your app can work together with an external authenticator on a smartphone such as Google Authenticator, MS Authenticator, LastPass authenticator and many other authenticators. Your TOTP app should be able to generate some special url, and a QR code representing this URL, so configuring your authenticator can be as simple as scanning this QR code. The URL code and QR look like this:

QR code example

So for our qr code, the TOTP module needs some code to generate the bar code. And that’s exactly where Lucee failed.

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