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Month: August 2022

Changing coldbox module behaviour without changing the module !

I have to admit, this title seems a little weird. How can I change some behaviour in a module without changing the code? And why do I want to change this behaviour?
Let me start with the why. I am using a lot of box modules, but sometimes there are some pieces missing, or am I not happy with some default behaviour. Many modules are very adaptable, for example using configuration settings or some interceptors. But sometimes this is not enough.
In a Free and Open Source Software world we just clone a repo, modify some code and send some pull request the the authors. But what if they don’t want your changes? I could fork the project, and create my own module, but from this moment on I am the maintainer of my own module. And sometimes other modules are depending on the module I want to fork, which is often not what I want. But there are other ways to change a module, and they work best for smaller changes. Let me explain.

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How to get a visitors real IP in cfml.

Some of our clients love it when we log a lot of security related info in their applications. So on every authentication request we want to log the user’s IP and if we are denying access to some parts of the application we want to log this as well. So we have code like this all over our application:

authLogger.warn( "User #rc.username# from #getRealIp()# tried to do something dangerous" );

So can we detect the real IP of our users with high confidence?
The short answer: you can’t trace all the bad guys and people who want to stay anonymous, but for the majory of users you can get get some more info.

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