Coldbox and VueJS untangled


I ‘ve been a developer since 19something, using ancient and obscure languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi.  Already in 1994 I started developing websites and a few year later programmed some dynamic websites using PHP/FI  and ColdFusion.  Because nobody could offer webhosting for ColdFusion I started my own hosting company, and nowadays we are hosting hundreds of managed servers for customers in all flavours Windows and Linux and application servers using PHP, Python, dotNet, Coldfusion and Lucee,  and much more.

As a CTO of this hosting company, there was not always time for software development, but this has changed a bit. I’m spending a lot of time developing API’s using CFML and ColdBox, and frontends using VueJS.
CFML and ColdBox could really use some more examples and while developing I hope to copy some of the more useful findings in this blog. That’s


  1. Jeff

    I am looking for a good tutorial/examples on Coldbox and pagination. I just started using commandbox and coldbox and struggling a bit. I see cbpaginator, but don’t understand the documentation. I have been reading your blog posts and wondering if you can offer any assistance. Thanks

    • Wil

      I was not using pagination a lot. If you ask your questions in the coldfusion slack channel, you will probably find someone who can answer

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